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Mendeley: Citation Management Tools: Install Mendeley Desktop & Web Importer

Download and Install Mendeley Desktop

Once you have created your Mendeley account, you should see the button to download the desktop application.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the desktop application
  2. Run the installation file
  3. Open the desktop application and install the MS Word plugin: Make sure Word is closed.
  4. In Mendeley desktop, click on Tools 
  5. Select "Install MS Word Plugin".

Install Mendeley Web Importer

Also called the the Web Importer, this plugin in the main way to gather information about web resources (e.g., articles, web pages, etc.) and put it into your library. For some databases, like PubMed, it is the only way to get information into Mendeley without having to re-type the info.  You can install it through the desktop or the web version.

From the Desktop

    From the Web
    1. Go to Tools
    2. Select "Install Web Importer." 


    It is a simple drag & drop process of putting the bookmark on the tool bar. The link below will take you to the bookmark and the installation instructions.