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Faculty of Engineering Technology (Eng-Tech), UniMAP is established at Universiti Malaysia Perlis in 2013’s. Its establishment is in line with the objectives of the Technical University in Malaysia under the Malaysian Technical University Network, (MTUN), which is to educate and train highly talented workforce to contribute to the advanced industrial countries, in addition to being a catalyst for national strategies to achieve high-income nation status.

UniMAP has begun to move towards the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering Technology since 2011 with the inception first engineering technology programme namely, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons) (Biotechnology Industry) under the auspices of the School of Bioprocess Engineering. In 2012 additional four (4) new engineering technology programme under several other engineering school has been introduced :-

1. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Hons) (Machining) managed by the School of Manufacturing Engineering
2. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Hons) (Agriculture Systems) managed by the School of Bioprocess Engineering
3. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Technology (Hons) (Industrial Power) managed by the School of Electrical Systems Engineering
4. Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Technology (Hons) (Electronic Network Design) managed by the School of Computer and         Communication Engineering.

In 2013, in addition to continuing the five (5) existing engineering technology programs, the Faculty of Engineering Technology has begin to offer eight (8) another new programmes :-

1. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons) (Chemical Process Industry)
2. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Hons) (Product Development)
3. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Hons) (Material Processing)
4. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering (Hons) (Technology Robotic and Automation)
5. Bachelor of engineering Technology in Electronics Engineering (Hons) (Electronic Systems)
6. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electronics Engineering (Hons) (Integrated Electronics)
7. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electronics Engineering (Hons) (Design Telecommunications Electronics)
8. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Civil Engineering (Hons) (Construction)


In new Academic Session 2016/2017, new programmes will be offered :-

1. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons) (Agrofood)-RY01

Engineering Technology at UniMAP offer a unique area where that bridges the existing engineering field, which focuses on the theory and design of engineering applications. Engineering technology is a field that applies the knowledge of applied mathematics and science by learning theory and practical experience in the application of engineering principles through advanced technology practices for public benefit. All engineering technology program at UniMAP employs teaching and learning in a practical oriented approach. Emphasis is practical and laboratory activities which will be given more focus without compromising adequate theoreticaly of content. In short, the difference that can be drawn between the field of engineering and engineering technology are as follow :-

• Engineering Technology programme will produce a practical engineer, able to deal with problem solving skills and the application of technology
• Teaching and learning will involve a lot of practical work in laboratory and field in addition to not deplete the theoretical contently
• Research will focus on the current technology, especially related to the application of technology, the latest processing and settlement problems.

Although both engineering and engineering technology generally compete in getting the same job, the fact they actually work hand in hand with each other in a group of engineers, technical engineers engineering technology program graduates will be involved more and more to work implementing technology applications, while engineers graduate engineering programs are more focused on the design and planning of a technology.