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Reuse Envelopes



There are many easy ways for individuals and businesses to reduce their paper use and costs. Reductions of 20% or more are possible in most offices.

Sustainable Campus

A sustainable campus is a community with common goal of:

  • Improving the effectiveness of energy usage
  • Sustaining resources
  • Increasing the quality of environment

Learn more about Sustainable Campus @ UniMAP.

Recycling @ UniMAP

Universiti Malaysia Perlis took recycling to a new level, within all department, staff and students were encourage to step up with this environmental initiative. The recycle bins have replaced the traditional trash cans in all university buildings. The focus is to initially put used paper, cardboard and plastic/glass bottles to the designated bins. The effect demonstrated is as level of recycling increases, the level of general waste created for each department has dropped. This initiave helps to meet our overall carbon targets and to keep waste disposal costs down.