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Microelectronic Fabrication (EMT 367/3): Subject Guides to Microelectronic Fabrication

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Subject Guides to Microelectronic Fabrication

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Course Synopsis

This course focuses on the fabrication process module of the CMOS technology. The students should be able to design, produce a mask, prepare the runcard (process flow of the MOSFET), fabricate the MOSFET, analyse and characterise the devices electrically. The students should also able to understand the important CMOS process modules such as well technology, isolation technology, multi level interconnect technology as well as related device issues mainly associated with the device miniaturisation.

Topics covered in this course are as follow:

1. Microelectronic fabrication overview

2. Standard CMOS process flow and cross section

3. CMOS process sub-integration module:

     i) Well technology

    ii) MOS device isolation technology

   iii) Gate oxide integrity and characterisation

   iv)  Multilevel interconnect technology (metallisation and multilevel dieelctrics, planarisation, contact and via)

   v) MOS scaling effect; short channel effect, hot carrier effect, device characterisation

   vi) IV and CV test

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