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Introductory Books

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Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Films - Janos H. Fendler
ISBN: 9783527294435
Publication Date: 1998-06-24
In this concise handbook leading experts give a broad overview of the latest developments in this emerging and fascinating field of nano-sized materials. Coverage includes new techniques for the synthesis of nanoparticles as well as an in-depth treatment of their characterization and chemical and physical properties. The future applications of these advanced materials are also discussed. The wealth of information included makes this an invaluable guide for graduate students as well as scientists in materials science, chemistry or physics - looking for a comprehensive treatment of the topic.

Cover Art
Nanofabrication - Tseng
ISBN: 9789812700766
Publication Date: 2008-03-04
Many of the devices and systems used in modern industry are becoming progressively smaller and have reached the nanoscale domain. Nanofabrication aims at building nanoscale structures, which can act as components, devices, or systems, in large quantities at potentially low cost. Nanofabrication is vital to all nanotechnology fields, especially for the realization of nanotechnology that involves the traditional areas across engineering and science. This is the first book solely dedicated to the manufacturing technology in nanoscale structures, devices, and systems and is designed to satisfy the growing demands of researchers, professionals, and graduate students.

Cover Art
Nano- and Biocomposites - Alan Kin-tak Lau (Editor); Farzana Hussain (Editor); Khalid Lafdi (Editor)
ISBN: 9781420080278
Publication Date: 2009-08-20
Advanced polymer-based nanocomposite materials continue to become increasingly popular and important for a wide range of engineering applications, as evidenced by continued government initiatives involving R&D and commercialization of these substances. In the race to exploit the unique mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of nanocomposite materials, researchers must also address new challenges to predict, understand, and manage the potentially adverse effects they could have on human lives and the environment. Nano- and Biocompositesfocuses on the structural makeup of nanomaterials and their range of applications. It details the latest research in which biological applications of nanostructural resins have been conducted within in vitro and in vivo environments. Some of the applications explored in this book include: Tissue engineering and growth Mechanical and thermal stability enhancement of biocompatible polymers for artificial joints and scaffolding Thermal management for directed energy weapons, deicing, and electronics Structural performance for primary and secondary airframe structures, jet engines Electrical conductivity for lightning-strike protection, EMI, ESD, and energy storage Durability for chemical, wear, flame retardance, permeability Health monitoring for NDE certification, damage detection, and long-term degradation This compilation of author contributions is divided into two sections—Nanostructured Polymer Compositesand Nano-Bio Composites. It provides a basic understanding of nanomaterial and nanocomposite research to explain the fundamentals of how nanostructured fillers strengthen polymer-based materials. With an emphasis on how nano- and biocomposites are used to create new biomedical applications, the text also focuses on the crucial yet often-ignored potential toxicity impact of using nanostructured materials. It presents important guidelines and new insights to stimulate investigation of anticipated research in this fascinating new field. Researchers, scientists, and academics will appreciate this cutting-edge exploration of nanomaterials, biomaterials, and the ever-evolving world of nano-biomaterials.

E Journal Packages

Electronic journals on materials subject areas are offered by the following electronic packages:


Encyclopedia & Handbook

Cover Art
Nano and Molecular Electronics Handbook - Sergey Edward Lyshevski (Editor)
ISBN: 0849385288
Publication Date: 2007-05-30
There are fundamental and technological limits of conventional microfabrication and microelectronics. Scaling down conventional devices and attempts to develop novel topologies and architectures will soon be ineffective or unachievable at the device and system levels to ensure desired performance. Forward-looking experts continue to search for new paradigms to carry the field beyond the age of microelectronics, and molecular electronics is one of the most promising candidates. The Nano and Molecular Electronics Handbook surveys the current state of this exciting, emerging field and looks toward future developments and opportunities.Molecular and Nano Electronics ExplainedExplore the fundamentals of device physics, synthesis, and design of molecular processing platforms and molecular integrated circuits within three-dimensional topologies, organizations, and architectures as well as bottom-up fabrication utilizing quantum effects and unique phenomena.Technology in ProgressStay current with the latest results and practical solutions realized for nanoscale and molecular electronics as well as biomolecular electronics and memories. Learn design concepts, device-level modeling, simulation methods, and fabrication technologies used for today's applications and beyond.Reports from the Front Lines of ResearchExpert innovators discuss the results of cutting-edge research and provide informed and insightful commentary on where this new paradigm will lead. The Nano and Molecular Electronics Handbook ranks among the most complete and authoritative guides to the past, present, and future of this revolutionary area of theory and technology.

Cover Art
Nanoparticle Technology Handbook - Masuo Hosokawa (Editor); Kiyoshi Nogi (Editor); Makio Naito (Editor); Toyokazu Yokoyama (Editor)
ISBN: 9780444531223
Publication Date: 2007-11-27
Nanoparticle technology, which handles the preparation, processing, application and characterisation of nanoparticles, is a new and revolutionary technology. It becomes the core of nanotechnology as an extension of the conventional Fine Particle / Powder Technology. Nanoparticle technology plays an important role in the implementation of nanotechnology in many engineering and industrial fields including electronic devices, advanced ceramics, new batteries, engineered catalysts, functional paint and ink, Drug Delivery System, biotechnology, etc.; and makes use of the unique properties of the nanoparticles which are completely different from those of the bulk materials. This new handbook is the first to explain complete aspects of nanoparticles with many application examples showing their advantages and advanced development. There are handbooks which briefly mention the nanosized particles or their related applications, but no handbook describing the complete aspects of nanoparticles has been published so far. The handbook elucidates of the basic properties of nanoparticles and various nanostructural materials with their characterisation methods in the first part. It also introduces more than 40 examples of practical and potential uses of nanoparticles in the later part dealing with applications. It is intended to give readers a clear picture of nanoparticles as well as new ideas or hints on their applications to create new materials or to improve the performance of the advanced functional materials developed with the nanoparticles. * Introduces all aspects of nanoparticle technology, from the fundamentals to applications. * Includes basic information on the preparation through to the characterization of nanoparticles from various viewpoints * Includes information on nanostructures, which play an important role in practical applications.




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