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Computer Architecture (PGT 206/3): Subject Guides to Computer Architecture

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Subject Guides to Computer Architecture

Use this subject guide to help you finding information on the subject, Computer Architecture. The Library provides both printed, multimedia and electronic resources to help you finding relevant information for your assignments, teaching-learning and research projects. If you need more information about the subject, please feel free to contact us via voice mail, email or Ask Us platforms.

Course Synopsis

Thiscourse covers both the architectural and organizational aspects of computer systems. Architectural aspects of a system are defined as the features that are available to the operating system kernel such as the instruction set, data representations and peripheral interfaces. On the other hand, organizational aspects of a system are defined as the physical implementations that realize the features given for a system. These include the design of basic building blocks such as the ALU and the control unit, as well as the logic level interface of both internal and external units. This course expects the students to have a good fundamental on digital logic design (both combinatorial and sequential logic).

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