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Emerging Engineering Technologies (BFT 556): Emerging Engineering Technologies

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Course Synopsis

Emerging technologies are new ways of manufacturing products; new products, new processes and new solutions to old problems. Converging technologies – such as the use of computers in all engineering pursuits – also are part of the emerging technologies picture.  The fields are varied, from robotics to optics to energy conservation and the development and practical application of alternative sources, as well as the educational opportunities. 

The job outlook for engineers and engineering technicians continues to look promising due to the competitive pressures forcing the advancement of technology.  Companies must improve and update existing products, capabilities and optimize their manufacturing processes while also creating new products and the technologies to support them. These are pressures that cannot be met without engineers and skilled technicians to assist them.  New emerging engineering technologies area include micro-electronics, nanotechnology, metallurgy, electrochemistry (just to name a few) — all are disciplines on which many other basic technologies depend. To varying degrees, all of these areas encompass engineering and emerging technologies –as new industries and jobs emerge in response to the challenges and opportunities of our global society today and tomorrow.

Cources Outcomes

1. Ability to compare and contrast the emerging technologies related to engineering i.e.  “Nanotechnology”, “biotechnology”, “advance materials”, “advance manufacturing”, “robotic and intelligent system”.
2. Ability to assess the engineering career benefits, for engineers and technicians alike; include challenging work, avenues for expressing creativity, intellectual development, financial security, prestige and a professional work environment.
3. Ability to deal with change and grow in their employability in these dynamic fields in the years to come.

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