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Marketing Management (BFT 515/3): Marketing Management

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Course Synopsis

This course will expose and enhance students’ understanding and broaden their perspectives on marketing concepts, philosophies, strategies, and tactics in the management of marketing activities. The main focus of this course is on the marketing decision making processes that would facilitate in the formulation of effective strategies and programs for achieving the organization’s goals and meeting the consumer needs and satisfactions.  It entails a consistent integration of all the elements of the marketing mix which would result in the formation of an effective and comprehensive marketing plans and strategy.

Cources Outcomes

1. Ability to design effective marketing programs by selecting appropriate strategies for pricing, promotion, product and place.
2. Ability to formulate marketing strategies and make decisions regarding the marketing elements of product, price, place and promotion.
3. Ability to formulate a marketing plan for a firm.
4. Ability to effectively assess marketing opportunity by analysing customers, competitors, and company.

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