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Accounting For Business (BFT 509/3): Accounting For Business

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Course Synopsis

This course in Accounting for Business has been designed to enable the student to become a better manager. In practically it would be impossible for running any type of organization whether it is manufacturing, merchandising, service, non-profit, or government without an understanding of financial and managerial accounting principles. This course provides an introduction to Business Accounting, Cost Accounting and Managerial Accounting which will help the student to acquire of analytical abilities to deal with problems relating to financial situations as well as to interpret and evaluate of the financial statement to take right and appropriate decision for corporations. The way in which management accounting information affects the strategic and operational decisions within the organization has also been concerned.

Cources Outcomes

1. Synthesis the needs and importance of accounting in business and understand the process of preparing accounting statements.
2. Synthesis skills in analyzing and interpreting financial statements for cost control and decision making purposes.
3. Apply the concepts of cost classification and cost management.
4. Evaluate and use the accounting information effectively for planning and control, decision-making, performance evaluation, and reporting purposes.
5. Employ these management accounting concepts to enhance organizational operations and strategies.

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