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Business Franchising And Licensing (BFT 212/3): Subject Guides to business Franchising And licensing

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Subject Guides to Business Franchising And Licensing

Use this subject guide to help you finding information on Business Franchising and licensing. The Library provides both printed, multimedia and electronic resources to help you finding relevant information for your assignments, teaching-learning and research projects. If you need more information about the subject, please feel free to contact us via voice mail, email or Ask Us platforms.

Course Synopsis

This course intends to assist students in developing a clear picture of franchisees and franchisors and to provide them with some insights that will help
them to make own decisions when entering the field. Students will learn the concept of franchising and licensing comprehensively . There are 3 focus area in the course: Firstly, a franchisor and franchisee are independent business people who must manage their separate business affairs; secondly, the franchisor and franchisee are dependent upon each other in order to be successful in business; and thirdly, the franchisor-franchisee relationship
shall bring with it an interdependent contractual obligation that is legally binding upon both parties.

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