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Product Innovation (EPT 192/3): Subject Guides to Product Innovation

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Subject Guides to Product Innovation

Use this subject guide to help you finding information on the subject, Product Innovation. The Library provides both printed, multimedia and electronic resources to help you finding relevant information for your assignments, teaching-learning and research projects. If you need more information about the subject, please feel free to contact us via voice mail, email or Ask Us platforms.

Course Synopsis

This course starts with basic ideas about inventing which define what invention and innovation constitute. It then describes the differences between invention and non-invention criterion, areas, and invention types. In conjunction with technology, the innovation itself cannot be separated from some fundamental principles of technology such as energies and their forms, storage of energy and some general concepts that have been used over and over again in originating, developing and applying many devices and systems such as the area principles. This course also focuses on the invention process to produce novel design concepts and reverse engineering processes applied so as to improve current design concepts. As the course go on, topics on intellectual properties such as patents, trade mark, trade secret and copyright are discussed. These are important legislative documents to protect novel ideas. In addition, strategies on how to generate profits from the invention and innovation activities are covered. Presentation techniques and ethics are also studied using graphic software and materials such as panels and mock-up.

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