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Education and Research Unit: Ebrary

Ebrary Main Interface


Within the ebrary QuickView feature, users can browse text and content and also utilize the InfoTools feature to support seamless integration and connection to additional online resources, including subscription databases. InfoTools also allows users to print, copy and paste, and create automatic citations using a variety of citation formats.

QuickView allows user to navigate text in the following ways:

  • Page to page (flip pages) navigation
  • Search term navigation
  • Highlight text and create notes and annotations
  • Download content in image PDF or full text


Downloads allows you to access and work with content offline.  You will need to sign in to your personal ebrary account to access this option.

There are several options available in terms of downloading ebrary content:

  • In image PDF format, a chapter or page range up to 60 pages
  • Full title downloads using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), free software available from (requires signing into ebrary bookshelf account and ADE account)

Ebrary Bookshelf Account Setup


In order to create a personal ebrary account, follow the following steps:

1. Click on the "Sign-in" tab

2. Click the "Create an account" link.

3. Provide username and password (password minimum 5 characters).

4. Provide basic identifying data, including first name, last name and working email address.

5. Click the "Create New Account" tab.


Supported Materials

Training Videos


InfoTools is a powerful feature that allows users to select text, words or phrases and seamlessly link out to additional electronic and online resources, expanding the scope of their research.

The InfoTools menu is customizable at the institution level and includes creating links to:

  • Full-text subscription databases
  • Online catalogues
  • Web-based resources
  • Linking back and searching additional ebrary content
  • Printing
  • Creating automatic citations

Download Using Adobe Digital Edition

In order to download full titles to your laptop, computer or handheld device, you will need to create a free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) account by simply going to and providing a username and password of your choice.

With ADE, you may download up to 10 titles at a time and have off-line access to your downloaded titles for up to 14 days. You may return a full title download early and within your ADE account you may also do the following:

  • Take notes
  • Show facing pages
  • Print
  • Transfer titles to handheld devices

Ebrary Bookshelf Layout


Creating a personal ebrary account allows access to a Bookshelf.  This Bookshelf provides the options to

  • save titles for future use
  • organize saved titles into folders arranged by subject
  • annotate within saved titles with notes and highlights
  • share annotated text with other ebrary users

There are no space limitations in the bookshelf feature and users may save as many titles as they choose, in effect, creating their own personal e-book library over time.

  • Click on the Bookshelf tab
  • You can create folders here to organize your e-books, email e-books to others, and share folders via URLs.