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Centre for Communication Technology and Human Development: Communication Technology & Human Development

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Welcome to Communication Technology and Human Development Libguides Page at Perpustakaan Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra (PTSFP). Use this guide to find relevant resources at the library, specific writing tools, statistical data and many more.

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The library operates from two locations; Main Library in Pauh Putra Campus and Branch Library at KWSP Building in Kangar. UniMAP Library offers access to scholarly information in all subjects which are offered by the University. The library develops and strengthen it's resources in science, technology and engineering since year 2002. To date, the library holds more than 40,000 copies of printed books and multimedia items. Since year 2003, the library takes advantage of electronic resources to broaden access to scholarly information among the UniMAP's community. This includes our earliest database subscription to IEEE Explore and EngNETBase. Currently, the library subscribes to more than 38 online databases from various online publishers and information providers across the globe. We are proud to offer access to more than 14,000 e-journals which accumulate millions of full text articles. Beginning in year 2009, the library developed resources in business and management with special allocated amount on book acquisitions and subscription to online databases. We would like to work with students, faculty members and researchers to develop our resources and to broaden our services.

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