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Statistics for Engineers (EQT 373/4): Subject Guide to Statistics for Engineers

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Course Synopsis

The goal of this course is to introduce students with the appropiate statistical methods for data collection, analysing and interpreting data.Moreover, in this course, the statistical concepts and method are discussed within the context of statistics is a study about variation. The basic concepts of randomness, quantifying uncertainty through probability models and making inference about population are the essence of this course. The course begins with describing and exploring data. Various graphical tools and nnumerical measures used to describe data will be introuced. Some basic probability concepts, disrete and continious probability distribution are among topics for medelling uncertainty. Making inference through estimation and hypotheses test based on parametric and non-parametric methods are being explored in he second part of this course. The last chapter discuss the topic of simple linear regression model.

Cources Outcomes

1. Ability to describe basic statistical concepts, apply basic statistical skills and developing reasoning skills.
2. Ability to apply, analyse and evaluate the suitable methods of statistical problem and desin an application of inferential method.
3. Ability to identify the coefficients and apply the methods to construct simpl linear regression model.

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