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Mathematics II (EQT 102/3): Subject Guide to Mathematics II

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Course Synopsis

This course will introduce to students to differential equations. Initially differential equations covered the methods to solve differential equations including first and second order differential equations and its applications. Next, the course will introduce to the separation of variables method to solve partial differential equations problem. Then, Laplace transform will be discussed as a method to solve differential equations. At the end of study, Fourier Series will be discussed to the students.

Cources Outcomes

1. Ability to solve differential equations which covered first and second order ordinary differential equations and partial differential equatio
2. Ability to apply the Laplace transforms method to solve and analyze certain differential equations problems theoretically and physically.
3. Ability to apply the fundamental understanding of Fourier series and able to express Fourier series and Fourier series expansions to any given function.
4. Ability to relate the differential equations and analyze certain physical problems.

EQT 101 Engineering Mathematics I result must be D+ and above

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