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Engineering Mathematics III (EQT 203/3): Subject Guide to Engineering Mathematics III

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Course Synopsis

This course introduces the definition and concepts in vector calculus, numerical methods and introduction on basic of finite element. The topics discuss includes differentiation and integration of vectors, surface and volume integral, green’s, gauss and stokes theorems, curve fitting, interpolation, numerical integration, numerical solution of differential equations, introduction to finite element for 1-D heat transfer problem. Important concepts related to vector fields, numerical method and basic 1-D finite element method are introduce in this course and then follow by the use of these concepts in solving mathematical problem.

Cources Outcomes

1. Ability to apply vector calculus concepts to solve single, double or triple integrals.
2. Ability to solve numerical problems by selecting suitable numerical methods.
3. Ability to relate the weighted residual approach and finite element method to solve engineering problem


EQT 101
Engineering Mathematics I result must be D+ and above

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